HTN Plate 6" Carp Pushstop


HTN Plate 6

HTN Plate 6" Carp Pushstop

The Barbless Carp Hair Rigger hooks used on these Carp Pushstop hook lengths have an acute upturned eye which is designed specifically to allow the hook sit straight on the hook link improving presentation and hooking ability. The length of the hair on these rigs is matched to the hook size. When used with a Pushstop Pusher, they are one of the quickest and most efficient ways of baiting up.

Hook Plate System

New Concept ultimately convenient 6” (15cm) – 8 individual pole hooks to nylon.  Stored flat and straight under slight tension without kinks in the mono so they present perfectly and fish perfectly. Precise whipping knots and consistent loops these new concept pole hooks to nylon can be used straight from the flat plates or st

The Range:

  • Size 14 to 6lb (18mm)
  • Size 16 to 5lb (16mm)
  • Size 18 to 4lb (15mm)


  • 8 hook­lengths per packet
  • Quick and efficient baiting
  • Acute upturned eye
  • Forged
  • Chemically etched long needle point



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